Brother | Social Media

Agency: KTBO 2020-2023

During my time at KTBO, I had the privilege of leading Brother's visual strategy, deepening the essence of their product line to effectively connect with their target audience. In my role as Art and Creative Director, I assumed responsibility for ensuring visual consistency across all content destined for social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, as well as corporate materials.
My focus was on creating a strong and compelling visual identity that resonated with Brother's audience, while providing a clear approach to identifying the specific audience for their products. Working closely with the creative team, we were able to develop impactful visual campaigns that highlighted the unique qualities of Brother products and strengthened their position in the marketplace.
This experience allowed me to demonstrate my ability to lead visual branding projects from start to finish, highlighting my ability to merge creativity with a solid understanding of client needs and expectations. I am proud to have contributed to Brother's success at KTBO and to have helped consolidate its presence in the market with a distinctive and effective visual identity.

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